November 24th, 1998

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It's only been a week since my last update -- I'm improving! Let's see, what's happened in the last seven days?

Well, my cable TV service went out on Wednesday evening. I've got digital cable, and on all of the channels it would display a message saying "This channel will be available soon" or something to that effect. Thursday I called the cable company and they basically "rebooted" my cable box. I was at work, so I couldn't know whether it worked until I got home. It didn't. So I called the cable company again on Friday and they kicked their computer on its backside and somehow fixed mine. I didn't understand it, but I figured there's no point in getting the cable company mad at you by asking intrusive questions like "why." I was just happy that I had TV again.

I spent a good portion of the weekend unpacking boxes still more boxes. My goal is to get completely moved in before it's time for me to move out again. What can I say -- I'm a born optimist.

I also finally began updating the Skeptic News site again. There was a huge backlog of items to work my way through, since I hadn't updated it since October 28. I normally post at least one item, usually more, on a daily basis, so I wound up posting nearly 50 to get caught up.

Last night I got a phone call from Dawn! Our habit seems to be to go 6-12 months between phone calls, which generally last at least two hours, since we have so much to get caught up on. More organized friends might call each other more often and talk less per call, but that's just too radical a concept. Anyway, she's doing only so-so these days. Her grandmother passed away in September and she's been having trouble getting over it. In better news, however, she recently adopted a third cat. Actually, her mother adopted the cat, then realized that she just really couldn't keep it, so she passed it on to Dawn. I told her that three cats is pretty much the limit for a single, thirtysomething woman without children. Anything more than that and she'll become known as "the cat lady." I'm not sure whether I convinced her.

When the subject of vacations came up, I told her about my grand plan to take a vacation in a different country every year, starting with Canada next summer, then the British Isles the year after that. After a brief discussion, we've decided that we'll do the Canada trip together! I guess that means I'll have to actually do something to put this plan into effect, eh? It's so much easier to have a grand plan when you don't have to actually figure out how to make it happen! We're not sure exactly where we'll go in Canada, although I did mention Toronto, which she liked. I guess in part it will depend on how much vacation time she'll be able to take off. I'll start the year with 34 vacation days accumulated and will get another 17 days over the course of the year, so vacation time won't be a problem for me, that's for sure!